Braids Are Making a Comeback in 2021

No longer are the days where braids conjure thoughts of Heidi, Little House on the Prairie and, for those of us who may be just a wee bit older, Pippy Longstockings. Braids are making a comeback so big this year, it’s completely twisted!

From a standard three-strand plait to timeless and feminine Dutch and French braids, braids can be adapted for work or play and suit just about any occasion. For instance, want the perfect hair style for a wedding or prom? Braids can turn a classic up-do into a vintage work of art. Crown braids and halo braids (which are similar, just situated a bit higher) are also both perfect for fancy events, will make you feel like royalty and show off those gorgeous earrings you just purchased!

Braided buns are an excellent look for work. A high braided pony is a gorgeous, as well as durable fashion accessory for a night out. Want to go boho? Go with a fishtail braid or even a double fishtail braid. 

Romance is in the air and in your hair with waterfall braids, which create a delicate, free-flowing effect; a side braid is chic and flattering for most face shapes; and a simple braid down the back will perfectly complement Ombre color transitions.

Plus, braids aren’t just a beautiful hair style. Braids are an effortless way to disguise bad hair days; they are a great way to shorten your morning prep time; and they can protect your hair from the effects of humidity…which is pretty much a necessity here in Florida. Book an appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today for a better year with braids and a beautiful you!

Why Hair Professionals Use Hair Gloss After Blow Drying

Hair professionals use hair gloss after blow drying to add subtle, natural looking richness, luster, dimension and vitality to hair. It is often confused with hair glaze. Hair glaze is more of a topcoat, while hair gloss actually penetrates hair strands for more effective and lasting results.

Hair gloss, which can artfully showcase your hair’s natural undertones, closes hair cuticles to create silky, shiny hair; and the smoother your hair, the more enhanced your natural shine will appear in any light. Coating the hair to keep cuticles closed, hair gloss will retain hair’s moisture, create better hair texture and make hair more manageable and easier to style. 

Specially treated to revitalize over-processed, weak, damaged hair, hair gloss can also reduce dry hair, split ends and the frizzies, as well as tamp down errant fly-aways. That is why hair gloss is often a hair stylist’s final touch for that gorgeous professional finish.

For a personal consultation with a hair professional or a hair appointment with one of our seasoned hair stylists, call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon at 386-428-0777. Our experienced hair stylists will use the styling products that are best suited to you and your hair qualities; and can work with you to develop your own, personalized maintenance program.

New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is a full-service hair salon which caters to women, men and children and is conveniently located in New Smyrna’s charming historic district.

Hair Coloring Trends for 2021

It’s a new year – a time for new beginnings. So how about starting fresh with your hair color? Here are the hair color trends predicted for 2021…

Very close to natural – with slightly differing shades harmoniously complementing one another, as if the sun’s rays have created a subtle dimension – is expected to be very popular. Get ready to accent your eyes and flatter your skin tone!

Blondes are also expected to be even more fun this year. Especially hot in 2021 will be creamy and dark blondes, which are perfect for those who are not quite bold enough to go ash or platinum and far more easy to maintain than ultra-blonde. A hint of red in your blonde – as with peach powder, strawberry and coral blondes – may very likely be trending in 2021. Pastel blonde, which is reminiscent of 2019 trends, yet lighter and more powdery, is also expected to steal the show.

Additionally, look for dark trends in warm, romantic, soft cinnamons; chestnuts with shades of coffee, chocolate and nuts; dark blue black; with dark cherry well out ahead. 

Your reds may lean toward brighter, burning red and gingers. Honey bronze will also give you that slightly red touch of warmth.

Whatever color you choose, the skilled professional colorists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon will make certain it looks beautiful on you! Happy New Year from all of us at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!

Why Cutting Your Hair Promotes Healthier Hair Growth

I totally get it! Cutting your hair when you are trying to grow it seems insane! However, it is actually the best thing you can do when you are trying to retain the length of your hair and promote healthy hair growth. If you want to know why, here’s the long and short of it…

Trimming hair is essential to get rid of hair damage that can be caused by so many things, like blow drying, flat irons, curling irons, hot curlers, certain products, frequent highlighting and even the sun. 

And if you’re thinking about nursing those split ends along, don’t do it! There is no way to repair split ends and they can travel, so they only get worse. Those babies have to go! 

Then there are swollen ends – when hair is actually thicker closer to the root and thin at the ends. That is also some serious damage that needs to be trimmed to keep hair healthy.

If you simply continue to grow your hair without trimming it, you’re sure to be plagued with weaker hair, breakage, frizziness and an overall lack of control. Untrimmed hair also tangles more easily and is more difficult to untangle. 

Then there is the huge bonus that hair just looks better when it isn’t frayed from lack of trimming. Trimming your hair regularly will help keep it strong, thicker and fuller.

Neglecting hair trimming just doesn’t cut it. So, if you’re looking for optimal hair growth, whatever you do, don’t cut your regular hair trims out of your routine. Come to New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon where the professional hair stylists are a cut above! I know, I know, I need to cut it out.

Keratin Hair Straightening Lasts Longer and Looks Healthier

If you’re looking for smoother, straighter hair, you should look to a keratin hair straightening treatment
at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon.
Keratin is a fibrous protein and the main structural component of hair. It coats and smooths frayed hair
shafts to eliminate the frizz and produce smoother, straighter hair. Keratin can also help to repair
damaged hair, strengthen and make hair more resilient and retain moisture in nutrient-deprived hair.
Lucky for those of us who love our hair luxuriously soft and straight, unlike some hair straightening
treatments, the keratin process can be used on color-treated hair. Your New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon
professional stylist will simply apply the keratin straightening product to your hair and use the heat of a
flat iron to seal it.
A keratin treatment should last about two to two-and-a-half months and will make your hair silkier and
easier to manage. If you usually straighten your hair, a keratin hair straightening treatment could reduce
your blow dry time by 40 to 60 percent!
Who wouldn’t want more beautiful, healthier looking hair while shaving off a huge chunk of your prep
time to boot? Men like it too! So make a smooth move and set up your keratin hair straightening
treatment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon.
The full-service New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is located at 125 S. Orange Street, in the heart of the New
Smyrna Beach Historic District. Call 386-279-1179 for your hair crafting appointment today.

Color Not Just for Hair

Any beauty regimen should extend to the eyebrows. Many beauty experts swear by the fact that your eyebrows are the single most important factor for shaping your face and showcasing your best facial
features. That doesn’t mean just waxing or plucking for perfectly shaped eyebrows. It means coloring your eyebrows too!
Come on, let’s not be discriminatory here. It’s the dawn of a new day and color isn’t just for hair anymore. It’s for eyebrows too! Dying your eyebrows will make your eyes look brighter and bolder, bringing out their true beauty. Darker eyebrows will look richer and fuller. Additionally, dying your eyebrows the same color as your hair can provide a more natural look.
However, keep in mind that application of hair dye to eyebrows can be a tricky process because (come on now) it’s near your eyes. Plus, you don’t want hard to remove hair dye staining the skin around your
eyebrows or on your eyelid. Nope, eyebrow dying is certainly something you should leave to the
experts…beauty experts you trust like the professionals at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon.
New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon raises eyebrows…to a new level. Give us a call to schedule your hair and
eyebrow coloring appointment today. Don’t forget that New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is located in the
heart of quaint, historical New Smyrna Beach. So do it all in a charming, soothing atmosphere as well!

Do Short Hairstyles Really Work Best in Tropical Climates?

Stay cool this summer with a new, short hairstyle. Short haircuts really do help in a tropical climate. Here
are several cool, short haircuts that will help you beat the summer heat in style…
Push the boundaries with a cutting-edge asymmetrical bob.
Set some trends with a concave cut in the back and a sleek, longer chin-length front layer.
The traditional pixie cut is adorable and back in style with a bang…so is the straight pixie, the
asymmetrical pixie with an undercut or that wavy pixie that Michelle Williams wears so well.
Or pay homage to the trouble-free bob. Everyone knows one, right? There’s the wavy bob and the
classic straight bob. A choppy bob is smokin’ hot; or go tousled bob for short, sexy allure.
Plus, short hairstyles do more than keep you cool. They can be gorgeous and striking; and depending on
your mood or if you are pressed for time, you can just apply some product and away you go!
Want to know what will look super gorgeous on you and suit your lifestyle to a “T”? Come to New
Smyrna Beach Hair Salon for one-on-one, personalized attention from an experienced, knowledgeable,
professional hairstylist. If you’re ready to shake things up with a sassy, short do, simply schedule your
appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today. You might leave with shorter hair – albeit dazzling,
but you will definitely have a bigger smile.

Correcting Covid-19 at Home Haircuts

Do you suffer from what today is commonly called “The Quarantine Cut”…that at home attempts to gain back some semblance of hair normalcy that went so dreadfully wrong? Did you choose the style that pays homage to The Little Dutch Boy or did you decide on something more avant-garde, like the one with chunks missing all over in a willy-nilly fashion? 

You’re not alone and whether you have huge pieces missing from your do or your coif is just a little uneven, the professional hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can cure your Covid-19 hair conundrum. Plus, freshly cut hair is healthy hair and after all this time locked away like Rapunzel, we all need a little freshening up!

The hair care professionals at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can work some magic with a trendy new style or to blend your hacked (sorry!) hair to keep as much length as possible. Got regrowth so long it’s alarming? We can touch up your poor, overlooked roots and get you back to glamorous in no time. Maybe you’re so sick of your quarantine uniform of sweatpants and that old, tired, messy bun that you want an entirely new look. Don’t worry, our expert colorists can whip up some beautiful hues that are just perfect for you; we can straighten things up gorgeously with a keratin treatment; or treat your lethargic locks to a healthy, deep conditioning. When it comes to hair, we do it all, so you can go as far as your imagination and desires will take you!

Plus, remember that there is no shame. We all went through it, so we’re all the same. Come on in to New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon and get back your game!

Covering Gray Hair with Coloring

Gray, gray, go away and don’t come back another day! We all know that if we don’t cover that stuff with coloring, it’s definitely going to be a guest at our “hair party”.

Natural gray can be beautiful, and silver hair like Jamie Lee Curtis’ is becoming more popular. You have to admit, she certainly wears it well. However, if you are feeling more like Lily Munster with your gray hair, it’s all good. Well, at least New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can make it good, and there are several ways we can do that with color.

First of all, it’s a good thing to know that gray is more easily covered if your hair is a lighter color. For instance, if your hair is a shade of blonde, when your gray roots come in, they will be harder to notice because they are more similar in color to blonde than the darker colors like browns and reds.

Gray is also easier to cover with highlights. In this case, the lighter strands throughout your hair will camouflage grays as well. Even if your hair is darker brown and your highlights are lighter brown, the variation that the lighter color creates will also help hide those grays.

In some instances, gray can be hard to cover with color and it’s better to procure the help of a knowledgeable professional. No matter what color you prefer, if you have tried to color your hair to cover your grays and have found that your hair is resistant to color (or if you are having any issues at all), the experienced hair colorists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can help. 

Set up an appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon and one of our highly skilled color specialists will personally work with you to determine which color and/or highlights will work best to cover your grays. After that, your gray will no longer have a say!

The History of Hair Coloring

The history of hair coloring is interesting and entertaining. It all began pretty tamely with the ancient Egyptians and henna in 1500 BC. Then, in the 1st Century BC, the Gauls dyed hair red as a mark of class and rank. In the Dark Ages, redheads were suspected of witchcraft, so it wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth took the throne that it became acceptable. In 300 BC, the Roman noblewoman tinted their hair red, the middle class lightened their hair to blonde and the poorer classes donned black tresses. During the Renaissance, blondes were favored because that color was considered angelic. Later, blonde was only worn by “women of the night” and respectable women used extracts and minerals to darken their hair.

Now, on to how these colors and the fickle folks who viewed them evolved…In the beginning, hair could only be darkened with henna, indigo, sage and chamomile. Then it was discovered that citrus juices, black sulfur, alum and honey mixes could lighten hair. Even so, natural colors were more prevalent until the 19th Century, with the chemical discoveries that colored our world.

In the early 1800s, some men turned to silver nitrate to darken the gray in their mustaches. Then there were some formulations that were less than stellar, including one that turned hair purple with extended use. In 1907, a French chemist developed a synthetic hair coloring formula he called Aureole. Sound familiar? The name morphed into L’Oréal and a few decades later, a New York chemist created hair color than penetrated the hair shaft. That one was the birth of Clairol.

Here’s an abbreviated version of what happened next. Flappers loved hair color in the 1920s and then in the 1930s hair color was only for “loose girls”. Women colored their gray in the 1950s, but rarely admitted to it. Hair color rose in popularity over the next 20 years; and then in the 1970s L’Oréal’s “I’m worth it” ad campaign gave hair color attitudes a one-eighty shift. Today, thankfully, a wide range of hair colors are enjoyed by both women and men.