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Fashion Week Hair Style Trend

Often, dry textured hair is replaced with a wet look and amped up shine. There is hair glossing, which employs hair dye and bond builder to brighten lackluster hair. French glossing fuses permanent hair color with subtle hair gloss for sheen with dimension. However, there is also an ultra-glossy alternative reminiscent of slick, polished lacquer or shellac without the hard edge – hair enameling. 

Hair enameling is a hot trend emanating from the ever iconic Fashion Week; and, with burgeoning popularity throughout Paris, London, New York, Copenhagen and Milan, it is not likely one to be ignored right here in Florida, especially with our often oppressive humidity.

Not only does hair enameling take tamping down frizz to a whole new level, its sleek appeal adeptly showcases daring make-up choices and glowing skin. And, since it is easy to apply, hair enameling is quickly becoming the 2022 version of a messy top-knot without the required adjustments throughout your daily or evening activities.

Hair enameling is also a versatile hair styling technique, with styles ranging from slicked back ponies, to gelled side parting, to the far more avant-garde. If you want to make a bold statement, use hair enameling for shiny, sleek bangs paired with fluffed out locks or enamel one side of your hair. 

Hair enameling is considered by certain fashionistas to be on-point fashion at its refined pique. If you would like to dial up your gloss or any other aspect of your hair, you’re sure to take a shine to the stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon.


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