Spring is a time for cleaning out the old and introducing fresh, new things into your life. Want to get rid of that tired hairstyle this spring? Try a beautiful, new, hip look…shattered layers!

Shattered layers are circular in nature, framing those pretty facial features you should definitely showcase. The dramatic shattered layer look is basically attained using bevel-edged shears or a razor for a unique, soft, fringe effect. Or, with regular shears, a hairstylist can raise the section of hair on the top of your head and begin by cutting an angle before “going in” with cuts to thin it out…and repeating the process from the opposite angle. This cut results in a gorgeous, new look for layers providing lots of movement and added volume.

There’s more good news, layered hairstyles, no matter which you choose, are very flattering for round, square, oval and heart face shapes; and shattered layers can be incorporated at different degrees for various lengths. And, on days when the wind begins to whip, you just won’t care because these shattered layers can certainly weather that storm!

Shattered layers are the next amazing hairstyle trend…a new hair craze that’s going to shatter the status quo. Just call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today to schedule your chic, new shattered layer cut with one of our professional hairstylists; and you’ll see!


Mix Things Up with the Mixie!

There’s a new (ish) hairstyle in town. The mixie is a melding of two classic cuts – the mullet and the pixie – with a daring result. Will you make the cut?

This bold, retro style is short in length, shaggy on top, with 70s style bangs and rocking a shorter style mullet. It’s an edgy, tousled, rebellious look that is not for the faint of heart. It leans toward new wave rocker. Think Demi Lovato or actress Michelle Williams.

The mixie works for a wide range of hair textures, especially lengthier layers and rougher textures. And although pretty much any will do, the mixie is easiest to style for those with naturally loose curls or wavy hair. It is also a very flattering hairstyle for anyone with a strong jawline or prominent cheekbones.

This low-maintenance, manageable hairstyle is great for those on the go. Simply wash and wear, keep the shape in tact with a texturizing spray or get gritty with some volumizing spray when you are fresh out of the shower. However, if you want to spend a few seconds on your mixie styling, just run a hot iron through a few sections in a devil may care way for a piecier finish.

For any haircut from the cheeky mixie to an elegant updo, feel free to schedule an appointment with the experienced hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. From short, perky cuts to extra-long locks, we’ve got it covered!


Look Younger with Layers!

Our hair can change over time in texture and sometimes even become thinner. So what can we do as we notice these changes? One great solution is layers, but it has to be done correctly so that it sheds the years as opposed to adding them.

Uniform layers can result in one-dimensional, lifeless hair which no one over 40 needs; and when layers are cut too similar, they can actually draw attention to lines on your face. If layers are too short, they can cause the same problem, but in a slightly different way. Short layers draw more attention to wrinkles by – shall we say – showcasing a lot of face.

If layers are too long, they can make your hair appear weighed down and drag your face right along with it! Volume-challenged hair is particularly problematic with long layers because they just make hair look even thinner and, consequently, older.

You also want to be careful if you are going for a fun hairstyle with choppy, messy layers, as they can actually make us look more unkempt than youthful. 

Thick hair with lots of layers can look voluminous and face framing layers can work for a wide array of hair types, creating that more youthful hairstyle you desire. If you exchange blunt end curtain bangs with feathered end curtain bangs, you will also end up with a softer, younger look.

…and the absolute best step you can take toward a hairstyle yielding a younger look is to schedule your next hair appointment with a knowledgeable hair stylist, like those at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!

Beach Hair

If you live in or are visiting New Smyrna Beach or any of our surrounding beaches, you are probably well aware that prepping your hair for the beach is far different from primping for a night out on the town. Here are a few ideas you might like for hair wear for the beach…

Pretty silk scarves and clips can secure long locks with style; or twist those tresses into a tight bun or, better yet, a messy knot so that when the beach breezes flow, it will look as if those few strands came loose on purpose. Braids, from fishtail to side braids and long goddess braids are lovely beachwear hair and functional too! High ponies are a great way to get long hair up and out of the way. Or just go au natural with wavy pieces blowing every which way.

Plus, it is always a good idea to protect hair from any potential sun damage. One good way is with a professional hair care product that seals in essential moisture to protect against heat…which is also an exceptional styling product for those who use blow dryers and hot irons. Additionally, heat protectant sprays can help keep hair frizz and fly-aways to a minimum. Hair masks are also excellent for protecting hair from drying and frying UV rays. When all else fails, wear a hat. A baseball, floppy sun hat, cowboy hat or stylish fedora will do!

Know Your Hair

Is your hair too dry or too greasy? Do you suffer from fly-aways or the frizzies? Does your hair lack luster or is it just plain hard to manage? It is important to know your hair and what it craves and here’s why…

The first thing you want to do is to make certain that you are using hair products that are formulated for your specific hair type. It really does make a difference. Then, no matter what your hair type, make sure you don’t use hot water when you shampoo, as hot water can strip hair of essential oils. Cooler water will lock in moisture, resulting in smoother, shinier hair.

Most people shouldn’t shampoo every day, as that can also strip hair of nutrients and cause drying and damage. That includes people with hair that is chemically treated, older hair and hair that is normal or dry. However, if your hair is oily, you should wash it more frequently – possibly even daily depending on how oily.

If your hair is thin and you want more lift, try parting on the other side to make hair appear fuller. Conditioning at the roots can also weigh hair down, so stick to the hair shaft and ends when conditioning. Shampoo is totally the opposite and should be applied to the scalp and roots, as it can strip hair shafts and ends of moisture.

Rinse thoroughly to avoid build-up. If your hair lacks luster, scrubbing the scalp with an exfoliating product can help you get rid of excess build-up too. There are also great products for hydrating hair. If your hair is dry or damaged, enhance your regular hair care routine with weekly deep conditioning. Adding a good heat protecting product prior to styling can also help prevent the damage caused by excessive heat styling. Hair can also change over time. So pay attention to what your hair is telling you and as you respond to its requests, you will be rewarded in kind. 

My personal hair care routine is so specific, you might laugh. Since my hair and skin is oily, I wash it every day. It is also curly, but more so at the ends and I use heat to style the top. So I condition the top lightly with a volumizing conditioner and use a heavier, deeper conditioner on my ends. Then I add curl definer to my hair shafts so that when my hair dries, I get ringlets instead of frizz. I usually only deep condition once a month since my hair tends to retain its natural oils. I bump that up to around every two weeks if I get highlights or spend a bunch of time in the sun.

At New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon our professional stylists make it their business to know hair. Everyone’s hair is unique and we understand the nuances particular to each of our clients. So if you would like professional assistance to gain that full head of shiny, easy to manage, gorgeous hair, make your appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. We have the beauty expertise and hair care products to attain your goal.

How to Keep Hair from Looking Greasy

Over-washing hair is one of the worst culprits for drying out and damaging hair. Plus, believe it or not, over-washing can actually propel your hair into a protective mode, causing it to produce more oil! For healthy hair, try to keep shampooing to one to two times per week, depending on your hair type. 

Even hair type has an effect on the amount of oils in our hair. Did you know that oil can more easily slide onto straight hair shafts? Sorry girls with beautiful flowing locks that flow in the breeze!

So how can you go more days without shampooing and manage to avoid that greasy look? One good way to make hair look less greasy is by using a decent dry shampoo, which will help soak up excess oils.

There are also things to avoid if you want to keep your hair from looking greasy, including frequently touching your hair. It may seem basic, but our hands contain oils that can transfer to hair. Another easy fix is to regularly clean your hairbrushes, as dirty brushes can harbor oils as well.

Using too many or the wrong hair products can lead to build-up which can also cause hair to appear greasy. Try to avoid hair products including silicone. Additionally, heat styling close to the scalp – which is where we come into contact with more oils can also be a factor.

Just remember that oil has a purpose and that its healthy production is important for maintaining natural lubrication and protection against the elements, styling and over-processing. To learn about products that will give your hair a professional looking finish, just ask the hair care experts at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!

Fashion Week Hair Style Trend

Often, dry textured hair is replaced with a wet look and amped up shine. There is hair glossing, which employs hair dye and bond builder to brighten lackluster hair. French glossing fuses permanent hair color with subtle hair gloss for sheen with dimension. However, there is also an ultra-glossy alternative reminiscent of slick, polished lacquer or shellac without the hard edge – hair enameling. 

Hair enameling is a hot trend emanating from the ever iconic Fashion Week; and, with burgeoning popularity throughout Paris, London, New York, Copenhagen and Milan, it is not likely one to be ignored right here in Florida, especially with our often oppressive humidity.

Not only does hair enameling take tamping down frizz to a whole new level, its sleek appeal adeptly showcases daring make-up choices and glowing skin. And, since it is easy to apply, hair enameling is quickly becoming the 2022 version of a messy top-knot without the required adjustments throughout your daily or evening activities.

Hair enameling is also a versatile hair styling technique, with styles ranging from slicked back ponies, to gelled side parting, to the far more avant-garde. If you want to make a bold statement, use hair enameling for shiny, sleek bangs paired with fluffed out locks or enamel one side of your hair. 

Hair enameling is considered by certain fashionistas to be on-point fashion at its refined pique. If you would like to dial up your gloss or any other aspect of your hair, you’re sure to take a shine to the stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon.


*image from maneaddicts.com/hair-enameling

Ombre Nail Ideas

Do you prefer timeless or trendy nails? It doesn’t really matter with ombre nails because their seamless blending melds into a nail design that just happens to be both…and ombre nails run the gamut from yowza to demure. So everyone can find a “flavor” that suits their tastes. Look at the sampling below to find your favorite, but beware…You may not be able to choose just one!

For a twist on your French manicure, why not try pink ombre tips or go total ombre for a French manicure that is trending off the charts!

If you have never been one to color within the lines, how about changing up each nail…starting with a full, bold color on one nail, partial ombre on another, a full light color and then another partial ombre that starts at a different point on the nail. You can mix and match however you choose!

It’s not easy to stand out during Bike Week, but with a set of orange flames leading into peach, you will be sporting an ombre nail design that is on fire!

Or opt for calming shades like lavender that melds into a nude base.

There’s ombre in neon, cool gray tones and the soft greens and blues of the sea. Black ombre is formidable and red ombre is fierce. Also, the holidays are right around the corner, so don’t forget  metallic and glitter! Plus, you can dip those tootsies in the pool for an ombre pedicure that is hard to beat!


Marble Nails – the New Trend!

Who wouldn’t want nails as beautifully cultured as marble? What you may not expect from marble nails is that they can be as versatile as they are stunning. For instance…

Go marble on your whole hand or on just one single nail. There are white marble nails for an ethereal effect, black or gray marble nails that exude sheer elegance and white marble nails with black striations are amazingly gorgeous too.

Opt for bold red, brilliant blue or mix and match for patriotic. Nude and clear marble nails possess a natural appeal and go with just about everything. Or wow them with marble nails in purple, as only purple can do!

For fun, add a rainbow splash of color or floral motif to your marble nail design. You can also do striped marble nails, pastel marble nails or even marble nails with nail art for Halloween that will look so good it’s scary! Choose fall colors for your marble nails now, switch to winter colors once the holidays hit and roll them in gold to be the New Year’s Eve belle of the ball. Marble French manicures are lovely as well – any time of year!

Also trending are marble nails adorned with nail accessories like rhinestones. Of course, every shape from stiletto to coffin will beautifully complement your marble nails and a marble pedicure will too!

To make your marble nail appointment, simply call 386-428-0777 to reach the nail art experts at NSB Hair Salon in New Smyrna Beach, and get your marble on!

Nail Care 💅

Nail care is an important part of good hygiene, but it can also help ensure that you maintain strong, healthy, great looking nails. Here are some tips to help…

  • When filing your nails, don’t use a back and forth motion, as that can damage nails. 
  • When trimming your nails or toenails, trim straight across to help avoid ingrown nails. If your nails are very hard, making trimming more difficult, try trimming your nails after bathing when they are softer.
  • Avoid cheap nail polishes that contain formaldehyde which is a highly toxic carcinogen that can weaken nails.
  • If your nails are prone to splitting, moisturizing them after trimming can help. Using nail polish remover without acetone can also keep your nails from drying out.
  • Use a base coat to keep nails from getting stained and decrease the chances of nail chipping.
  • It is also important to properly tend to your nail tools. Any clippers or other metal nail tools should be treated with 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol to keep them sterile and your nails healthy.
  • You can also use your diet to improve your nail health. Salmon and nuts contain protein which can strengthen nails. Leafy greens which are high in vitamin B improve nail strength as well. Zinc can help reduce white spots, and foods which are rich in iron can help prevent nail ridges.

Nail care vigilance is key because nails can easily become damaged by every day activities such as washing dishes, gardening and ordinary cleaning tasks. Bad manicures can even damage nails, so make certain you only use qualified professionals for your manicures and pedicures, like the highly skilled nail technicians at NSB Nail Salon in New Smyrna Beach.