Nail Care 💅

Nail care is an important part of good hygiene, but it can also help ensure that you maintain strong, healthy, great looking nails. Here are some tips to help…

  • When filing your nails, don’t use a back and forth motion, as that can damage nails. 
  • When trimming your nails or toenails, trim straight across to help avoid ingrown nails. If your nails are very hard, making trimming more difficult, try trimming your nails after bathing when they are softer.
  • Avoid cheap nail polishes that contain formaldehyde which is a highly toxic carcinogen that can weaken nails.
  • If your nails are prone to splitting, moisturizing them after trimming can help. Using nail polish remover without acetone can also keep your nails from drying out.
  • Use a base coat to keep nails from getting stained and decrease the chances of nail chipping.
  • It is also important to properly tend to your nail tools. Any clippers or other metal nail tools should be treated with 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol to keep them sterile and your nails healthy.
  • You can also use your diet to improve your nail health. Salmon and nuts contain protein which can strengthen nails. Leafy greens which are high in vitamin B improve nail strength as well. Zinc can help reduce white spots, and foods which are rich in iron can help prevent nail ridges.

Nail care vigilance is key because nails can easily become damaged by every day activities such as washing dishes, gardening and ordinary cleaning tasks. Bad manicures can even damage nails, so make certain you only use qualified professionals for your manicures and pedicures, like the highly skilled nail technicians at NSB Nail Salon in New Smyrna Beach.

Haircuts We’ve Had

The (dreaded?) family album is a chronicle of the haircuts we’ve had, some of which weren’t so bad, most of which were certainly interesting and often embarrassing. I’m not sure how old you are, but if you open up that scary photo narrative, you may just see some of the following…

The 80s was the birthplace of the iconic big hair, like back-in-the-day Jon Bon Jovi. Why do you think they called them hair bands? Another rock star hair trend was the Joan Jett shag; and our actress hairdo of choice was the Farrah Fawcett. There was the asymmetrical cut for those of us who thought we were cool, the cheerleader side pony, banana hair clips, the oh-so-popular perm (including the spiral perm for those with really long hair. Don’t forget the mullet. What am I saying? How could you?

The 90s were dominated by Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel haircut and, if you had short hair, it was most likely in a Winona Rider pixie cut. There were also fluffy blowouts and hair pulled back by butterfly hair clips or plastic headbands – the “modern” version of those ridiculous Richard Simmons headbands from back in the 70s.

The 2000s brought with them hair with the end flipping outward at the bottom, piecey bangs, super straight Brazilian blowouts, bobs, fades, the edgy appeal of long shaggy bangs with the rest completely shaved, timeless layers whether they be long layers, bottom layers or layers throughout, all the way up to the effortless look of today’s beachy waves, Ombre and every possible use of every color in the universe.

Treat Yourself to Fantasy Colors

Are you tired of the same old, typical hair colors? Why not change things up with dreamy, fantasy colors that look like they came straight off the pages of a fairytale? Plus, even fantasy colors come with a brand new spin now. Here are some of the latest trends in fantasy hair…

Romance is in the air and it starts with your hair. We’re talking about rose gold – the perfect, soft blend of gold and copper. Or opt for a blush rose, which bumps up the reds a little more. Maybe even ratchet the fantasy colors up one more, crazy notch to a bright orange and hot pink combo which is sure to please those wishing to revel in vibrant color. And if you like the aforementioned hues, consider sunset fantasy hair which can beautifully transition bright orange into red and then purple.

Speaking of perfect combinations, you may want to try mermaid hair – a fantasy hair color combo that can be achieved by lifting color to add seafoam green, turquoise, blue and purple. Ever seen the iridescent colors on top of an oil spill? They are actually gorgeous…cool shades of green, purple, blue and even yellow, which look great on a dark base. A similar, lighter version is opal fantasy hair, which is an array of pastels added to a pearl base and topped with a soft metallic. Don’t forget rainbow fantasy colors which can range from the whole head, to just bangs, or underlights so you can pull up your hair for a sweet surprise!

There’s cotton candy, neon yellow and spilt 50/50 down the middle dyes. Peach pastel is trending and rich colors – like deep blue or purple – that morph into pastels of the same hue are also hot. Or you could transition from dark to light with two colors, like magenta and lilac. Whatever your hair color pleasure, New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is here to make your fantasy come true.


What Is Our Rewind Conditioning Treatment?

Do you wish you could rewind back to a time when your hair was unscathed by all those products and primping? That is exactly what the Rewind Conditioning Treatment provided by the professional hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can give you.

Our Rewind Conditioning Treatment process works to transform hair into healthy, luxurious, easy-to-manage tresses without the frizz and fly-aways that often accompany the humid summer months. Scientifically proven, Rewind Conditioning Treatment rebuilds and seals hair follicles. When the Rewind Conditioning Treatment is expertly applied by the seasoned professionals at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon, hair cuticles are bonded and hair becomes beautifully smooth. 

Rewind Conditioning Treatment rewinds the clock by repairing hair cuticles that may have been damaged over time by coloring, bleaching, perming and with heat from blow dryers, hot curlers, curling irons, hair straightening wands and rods and even the sun’s harsh rays.

Don’t let simply enjoying yourself in the sun or beautifying your hair the way you have always loved to do…with color, styling tools, straightening products, highlights and other beautifying processes and implements…become problematic, when a Rewind Conditioning Treatment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon allows you to wipe the slate clean. If you would like to rewind for more control and more beautiful hair, just call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon at 386-428-0777 to book your Rewind Conditioning Treatment appointment with a professional hair stylist.

Balayage Highlights

What better way to make a spectacular entrance into the spring and summer season than with highlights, and balayage is an excellent way to do just that! Balayage highlighting, providing lighter ends with a softer look on top, was created by French colorists. In French, balayage means to sweep, which is exactly how balayage highlights are applied – painted onto random pieces of hair in a sweeping motion using a brush. 

Balayage highlights are a relatively low-maintenance, natural looking blend of face framing color that gives hair gorgeous dimension, and offers tons of options. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular balayage options that happen to be trending right now… 

Dirty blonde, dark chocolate and auburn with amber highlights are all excellent choices. Then there are the warm tones of caramel that look luscious on long waves or worked into layers. Or tap the opposite end of the hair color spectrum with the sophisticated cool tones of ash brown or blonde. You can take things up a notch with bright blonde or go with fine balayage highlights all over for a more saturated look. Long streaks of platinum on dark blond hair pop. Blonde and metallic blonde (a slightly bolder choice) are both beautiful on natural brunettes; and silver and copper balayage highlights can both be very flattering to several skin tones. There is even multi-color balayage for those who want it all!

Whatever you choose, a balayage color specialist is waiting for you at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!

Undercut Is the Way to Go!

Want a fun, it-girl hairstyle that is all the rage? Get a super trendy undercut just in time for the warm Florida weather! Shaving the back of your head, under your hair at the nape of your neck will keep you cool while adding an edgy look to your style.

It’s the new side shave with tons more versatility. Unlike an undercut that is less restrictive, once you shave the side of your head, you are committed to that hairstyle until your hair grows out. With an undercut, you can showcase your long or medium-length hairstyle. We promise you will never see that undercut when your hair is down, but when you pull it up, SURPRISE! 

Need to look professional for work? No problem! Do you like to be the fun girl at the party? An undercut will provide all that too! With an undercut, there is no more uncomfortable, unattractive hair sticking to the back of your neck and you can turn that boring topknot into a very cool do. It’s great for workouts, beach days and when you’re just plain out and about.

Plus, there are so many designs from which to choose. If you are a little timid about the whole thing, you can ease yourself into your undercut with a simple buzz cut. Or go all out with a geometric, a zig-zag undercut or pretty flowers. You can have fun with any kind of design. You can even also a color or all the colors of the rainbow for even more of a wow factor!

Emergency Substitute Hair Tie Tips

There’s a good way to tie one on and, mercifully, there is no hangover involved. I’m talking about alternative hair tie solutions. Maybe you are on vacation and forgot your hair ties or you simply live in Florida and need to pull your hair up in a pinch. Don’t fret because it is a safe bet that there is a hair tie substitute that may very well improve your day!

  • Got a loaf of bread or a bag of chips? Bag ties and chip clips are awesome alternatives to traditional hair ties!
  • While the chopsticks you get with your Chinese take-out will do, coffee stirrers and pencils may be more readily available.
  • Almost everyone has access to aluminum foil, so pinch it and twist it until you have a long, malleable strip you can wrap around your makeshift ponytail.
  • Wearing sneakers or a hoodie (or possibly preferably someone else’s hoodie)? Shoestrings and the string from your hoodie will work too. Even the cords from your electronics will do!
  • Pretty much any piece of material will also work well as an emergency hair tie substitute. I’m thinking about everything from a bandana, to pantyhose, cloth napkin, a tube top, clean sock, or even sliced up old tights.

Okay, I may be pushing the envelope a little too far on those last three, but you get the idea! Just try your best not to opt for the regular rubber bands made from actual rubber, as they can easily damage and break hair.

Gone Today, “Hair” Tomorrow?

It sounds counter-productive, but have you heard that trimming your hair can make it grow faster? Myth or fact: While it is true that regularly trimming the ends of your hair can help you grow healthy, long tresses; trimming your hair does not actually make your hair grow. Here are some helpful tips if you are thinking of growing your hair…

If you are looking for long locks, it helps to have your hair trimmed by a professional every few months. You want just the very ends trimmed in a blunt cut to help prevent hair from splitting, becoming thin and just plain less healthy in general.

There are some other things that can slow hair growth, and these may surprise you! For instance, did you know that cold weather can restrict blood flow to the scalp? Since your hair follicles require a nice, healthy amount of blood flow for hair growth, this can be a problem. However, we live in Florida, so problem solved. Scalp massage also promotes the flow of hair nutrients through the blood to the hair follicles. 

Additionally, you can revitalize your hair and scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth with protein-based hair repair products and sealants. If you would have questions about the best products and treatments for your particular hair type, the beauty experts at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can help. We would also be happy to help you determine and schedule a professional maintenance program for optimal hair growth.

Box Dye vs Professional

From medical professionals, to professional builders, psychiatric professionals and more; it’s always best to go pro. So, don’t get boxed in when it comes to your hair color! You get what you pay for and box dye just can’t compare to having your hair colored by an experienced hair colorist.

You never want your hair over-pigmented or over-processed and, ultimately, damaged; so the first thing you should know when comparing box dye to professional hair color is that the formulation isn’t the same. Whereas box dyes are pre-made, cookie cutter colors for all types of hair, a well-trained professional hair stylist will take a litany of things into account before coloring your hair – your hair history, hair texture, hair health, current color, etc. 

Another box dye hair hazard is that box hair dyes are typically laden with ammonia, so they can be pretty harsh, possibly making hair dry and brittle. Professional hair coloring is often ammonia-free; and even if it isn’t totally ammonia-free, a professional hair colorist has the expertise to ward off any hair damage.

All hair damage aside, professional hair color is just plain prettier than box dye. Box hair color can only lighten hair three or four levels. A professional hair colorist has a lot more to work with, so she can change your hair color more dramatically and more reliably.

Not all haircuts look good on all people and the same is true of hair color. Professional hair stylists can also help you choose the hair color that will work best for your coloring and help you leave their salon as the best version of you. 


Grooming Is Not Just for Women – We Can Help!

Got a big date, Big Guy? How about a job interview you’d like to look your best for or a special event like a class reunion or a wedding…maybe your own?

There’s nothing worse (ok, maybe some things) than running into someone you haven’t seen in a very long time or meeting someone special and then realizing afterwards that you had an errant nose hair or you missed a spot shaving. Maybe that ends up being the catalyst that makes you think, “Wow, I can’t remember the last time my neck was shaved,” or “My eyebrows really do resemble caterpillars.” It’s like finding that huge piece of broccoli in your teeth after an important presentation. Ugh! And if it’s your wedding day, it’s even more important to be meticulously groomed.

So guys, what’s your next move? It should be something simple and effective. It should be an appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. That’s right! New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is not just for women. We professionally and affordably groom men; and when you have your grooming done professionally by a seasoned member of the New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon team, you can rest assured that you won’t be sporting a unibrow or any unsightly ear hair. 

By the way, how do you get rid of that ear hair on your own when you can’t see it? You really don’t. Call 386-428-0777. The sooner, the better!