Flattering Hairstyles for Each Shape Face

If you ask a professional hairstylist worth their salt if a certain hairstyle will look good on you, along with your hair type, dollars to donuts they will take your face shape into consideration before telling you that you’d wear that hairstyle well. 

So which hair lengths, cuts and styles work well with each shape face? Here are a few…

Volume at your crown or a tousled lob with blunt ends will deemphasize a square jawline, drawing the eye upward or toward the ends, respectively – both softening your look. A flat-blown bob angled sharply toward a slightly longer front will also make a square face appear thinner.

For round faces, long layers slenderize the face and neck. Shorter styles, like a deep side-parted pixie with volume at the crown, a shag with soft, choppy layers and a center part with beach waves will all flatter round face shapes too.

One of the best hairstyles for a diamond shaped face is a chin-length bob, which will soften the edges of a pointier chin. Add a side-swept bang to face-framing layers, tapered angles or different lengths of cascading curls for styles that are very pretty when you have a diamond shaped face.

Long or shoulder-length hair and curtain bangs are all great options for longer faces…and, if you happen to be lucky enough to sport an oval face shape, you can wear most styles well – from long layers to baby bangs.

A Step Haircut for Star-Quality Hair

Looking for star-quality, stair-like layers for a thick, full head of hair? If you want to put some bounce in your step, consider a step haircut which provides layers of sexy volume. In essence, it is tiered layers at various lengths creating a stair step effect which swings with gorgeous movement. 

Typically, the step haircut is a two-layer graduated hair cut with sharply delineated steps beginning at either just below the ear or at shoulder length for longer hair. The step haircut works best for wavy or thick hair, since its extreme layers remove a bit of hair weight. An added bonus is that the step haircut is also a solution for the frizzies…and at this time of year, that’s something we all can use!

The only sad news is that it is not really the best haircut for those with thinner hair. Standard layers are a better option for thin hair.

So, if your hair rests on the thicker, more wavy side and you’d like to look like you stepped out of a 1980’s hair commercial (Sorry, some of us actually remember those.), the step haircut is an excellent option! We’ve seen Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra and Rachel McAdams all sport it. Why not you? 

Proper maintenance of this bouncy “do” depends on its upkeep. Since a clear delineated layer is required, one should seek a professional salon cut every six weeks. Should you choose to grow it out, it will simply begin to beautifully blend once again.

Make-up Wake-up

Has work and the busy pace of life in general got you feeling harried? I hate to even say this “out loud”, but are you showing it? One amazing way to rejuvenate your appearance is by having your make-up professionally applied by a New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. Owned and operated for 25 years by Eva Mullins, a master hair stylist who specializes in special occasion beauty, New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon employs a highly skilled team of some of the area’s best, most experienced make-up artists.

There are plenty of reasons to have your make-up professionally applied. Got a date and want to look hot? Have a big presentation at work where you need to shine? Need to look like you haven’t changed a day at your high school reunion? 

What about a special occasion, like your wedding day or prom, where you need to look radiant? The make-up artists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon, who excel in all aspects of beauty, are even available by appointment to provide their professional services on-site. So, consider this…if you are a bride-to-be, you can make a trial-run beauty appointment for the perfect updo and make-up at the convenient New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon location and then book your personal beauty professional to come to you on your special day.

Much like your unique personality and fashion sense, professional make-up can showcase your own particular style. Want to look your best and feel pampered? Treat yourself by calling 386-428-0777 to schedule your professionally applied make-up appointment with New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today!

Fall Hair Refreshers

Summer is bursting with fun in the sun, but it is also bubbling over with a boiling pot of nasties that are harmful to hair. 

  • You have your hot summer sun, which bleaches and dries our hair, makes it brittle and otherwise damages it. 
  • There are chlorine-filled pools that – although refreshing – can also harm our hair and discolor our highlights.
  • Here’s one that stinks. The summer heat causes us to sweat a lot, ergo more hair washing which can rob hair of vital nutrients.
  • Plus, of course, there is the usual prerequisite primping including harmful heat rollers, blow dryers, hot curling and flat irons as well as a bunch of hair products – some of which might be a little questionable when it comes to hair health.

So, what should we do? How does a fall refresher for luxurious locks sound? I know, right? A fresh trim is just what the doctor ordered for those stressed and possible fraying ends. Pair that with deep conditioning and you’ve got an excellent one-two punch to eradicate the results of all those wicked summer hair irritants.

Plus, if you schedule your appointment with professionals, like the ones at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon, you will also benefit from a full-service hair salon, the knowledge of an experienced hair stylist and professional hair products that smooth and define hair, make hair more malleable and manageable and keep hair healthy.

The Mermaid Haircut: For the Perfect Summer Waves

Summer is the perfect season to dive into your natural waves and mermaid hair is a great way to get natural looking wavy hair without using up all your valuable vacation hours to do it. It’s one of the latest vacation hair trends that is taking the beach scene by a tropical storm.

Mermaid hair earned its swimming moniker due to the fact that – you guessed it – it just happens to look the way we imagine mermaid hair to appear and, as long as you have naturally wavy hair, it’s an easy style to get as well as maintain. 

Basically, the mermaid haircut is a new twist on naturally wavy hair; and although it is well-suited to long flowing locks, those with sporting shoulder length hair can also pull it off without a snag. The aim is not to spend too much time on it. It’s all about flirty hair – for those aiming for an unpolished, fun style. The added beauty of mermaid hair is that you don’t even have to worry about humidity-induced frizzies and breeze-inspired fly-aways.

You can also wear it a bunch of ways. Middle parts are popular with this hairstyle, but a side part will provide even more of a sweeping, free-spirited look; and you can also add wispy, fringy or peekaboo bangs to top it off. 

Plus, it may go without saying, but teal and blue colored hair really rocks this virtually effortless, yet extremely flattering haircut, but any color – from natural to bold and brash – will do!

On Point Hair Color Trends

One hair color that you may have heard of is bronde, a not too blonde, not too brown hair color that is perfect for brunettes looking to brighten their locks and blondes looking to tone it down.

Or, if you don’t want brash blonde, you can always opt for a softer, sun-kissed butter blonde. This natural look is an epic pairing for lighter skin tones and can be customized to any face shape or hair type for the ultimate in versatility.

Not sure if you prefer blonde or brunette? You can achieve the best of both with spiced toffee, which is a multi-dimensional weave of warm brown tones and a full head of tiny toffee highlights – a very flattering hair color for medium skin tone.

Like vibrant hair? Do it like Rihanna with cherry cola, a deep burgundy with hints of brown and red providing dimension. This bold hair color is an excellent match for medium to darker skin tones and can be customized as dark, light or red as you please.

If you want to brighten things up with red tones without being overwhelming, you may prefer dusty rose, a soft pink hair shade that can add a subtle bit of warmth to traditional blonde.

The hair colorists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can help you with what hair colors will best complement your coloring. Darker hair colors tend to fade faster, brighter highlights need more frequent toning to maintain their vibrancy and certain hair color formulations require deep conditioning masks. The color experts at NSB Hair can also recommend a hair maintenance plan that is perfect for you.

Spring is a time for cleaning out the old and introducing fresh, new things into your life. Want to get rid of that tired hairstyle this spring? Try a beautiful, new, hip look…shattered layers!

Shattered layers are circular in nature, framing those pretty facial features you should definitely showcase. The dramatic shattered layer look is basically attained using bevel-edged shears or a razor for a unique, soft, fringe effect. Or, with regular shears, a hairstylist can raise the section of hair on the top of your head and begin by cutting an angle before “going in” with cuts to thin it out…and repeating the process from the opposite angle. This cut results in a gorgeous, new look for layers providing lots of movement and added volume.

There’s more good news, layered hairstyles, no matter which you choose, are very flattering for round, square, oval and heart face shapes; and shattered layers can be incorporated at different degrees for various lengths. And, on days when the wind begins to whip, you just won’t care because these shattered layers can certainly weather that storm!

Shattered layers are the next amazing hairstyle trend…a new hair craze that’s going to shatter the status quo. Just call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today to schedule your chic, new shattered layer cut with one of our professional hairstylists; and you’ll see!


Mix Things Up with the Mixie!

There’s a new (ish) hairstyle in town. The mixie is a melding of two classic cuts – the mullet and the pixie – with a daring result. Will you make the cut?

This bold, retro style is short in length, shaggy on top, with 70s style bangs and rocking a shorter style mullet. It’s an edgy, tousled, rebellious look that is not for the faint of heart. It leans toward new wave rocker. Think Demi Lovato or actress Michelle Williams.

The mixie works for a wide range of hair textures, especially lengthier layers and rougher textures. And although pretty much any will do, the mixie is easiest to style for those with naturally loose curls or wavy hair. It is also a very flattering hairstyle for anyone with a strong jawline or prominent cheekbones.

This low-maintenance, manageable hairstyle is great for those on the go. Simply wash and wear, keep the shape in tact with a texturizing spray or get gritty with some volumizing spray when you are fresh out of the shower. However, if you want to spend a few seconds on your mixie styling, just run a hot iron through a few sections in a devil may care way for a piecier finish.

For any haircut from the cheeky mixie to an elegant updo, feel free to schedule an appointment with the experienced hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. From short, perky cuts to extra-long locks, we’ve got it covered!


Look Younger with Layers!

Our hair can change over time in texture and sometimes even become thinner. So what can we do as we notice these changes? One great solution is layers, but it has to be done correctly so that it sheds the years as opposed to adding them.

Uniform layers can result in one-dimensional, lifeless hair which no one over 40 needs; and when layers are cut too similar, they can actually draw attention to lines on your face. If layers are too short, they can cause the same problem, but in a slightly different way. Short layers draw more attention to wrinkles by – shall we say – showcasing a lot of face.

If layers are too long, they can make your hair appear weighed down and drag your face right along with it! Volume-challenged hair is particularly problematic with long layers because they just make hair look even thinner and, consequently, older.

You also want to be careful if you are going for a fun hairstyle with choppy, messy layers, as they can actually make us look more unkempt than youthful. 

Thick hair with lots of layers can look voluminous and face framing layers can work for a wide array of hair types, creating that more youthful hairstyle you desire. If you exchange blunt end curtain bangs with feathered end curtain bangs, you will also end up with a softer, younger look.

…and the absolute best step you can take toward a hairstyle yielding a younger look is to schedule your next hair appointment with a knowledgeable hair stylist, like those at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!

Beach Hair

If you live in or are visiting New Smyrna Beach or any of our surrounding beaches, you are probably well aware that prepping your hair for the beach is far different from primping for a night out on the town. Here are a few ideas you might like for hair wear for the beach…

Pretty silk scarves and clips can secure long locks with style; or twist those tresses into a tight bun or, better yet, a messy knot so that when the beach breezes flow, it will look as if those few strands came loose on purpose. Braids, from fishtail to side braids and long goddess braids are lovely beachwear hair and functional too! High ponies are a great way to get long hair up and out of the way. Or just go au natural with wavy pieces blowing every which way.

Plus, it is always a good idea to protect hair from any potential sun damage. One good way is with a professional hair care product that seals in essential moisture to protect against heat…which is also an exceptional styling product for those who use blow dryers and hot irons. Additionally, heat protectant sprays can help keep hair frizz and fly-aways to a minimum. Hair masks are also excellent for protecting hair from drying and frying UV rays. When all else fails, wear a hat. A baseball, floppy sun hat, cowboy hat or stylish fedora will do!