Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Wedding

If you are getting married, your hair style should be reflective of the glorious feel you have created for your wedding, and who better to make that happen than your wedding planner?

Eva Mullins, proprietor of New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon AND Affordable Beach Wedding, began as a shampoo girl when she was just 15 years old. She is now a master stylist with over 32 years of experience with hair, as well as valuable experience as a wedding planner and creating the perfect wedding hair and make-up.

The best news is that Eva has combined her full service hair salon for men, women and children, with her wedding services at a new location on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach!

She offers stylish cuts, straightening, single application color, double dimension color, full and partial highlights, special occasion hair designs, waxing and more! So come in for hair that reflects your style, master that photo-ready look, learn tips for your own hair regimen, get a lasting style for that special occasion or late night date, and simply relax and enjoy the pampering.

…And, at the same time, simplify your wedding experience and create a beautiful, lifelong memory of the perfect beach wedding…affordably.

Up, Up and Away!

Get Uppity, Girl! Updos are a gorgeous way to wear your hair, and just in time for spring and summer! Updos are great in so many ways. If you wear your hair down a lot, they can change your look. Updos are especially helpful if you want to change appearance from a daytime look to a nighttime look. They keep your hair off your face, and when your hair is away from your face, people tend to focus on your pretty features, your flawless make-up and your stylish accessories, such as sparkling earrings.

Updos are great for a wedding because, besides being beautiful, they make attaching a veil easier. They make your neck more accessible and, subsequently, more kissable! They can help keep your hair in place while you are dancing, and they are also good for proms. Just think…it will be easier to place the tiara on your head when you win prom queen!

Updos can be braided, curled or coifed. They can be as simple and elegant as a French twist. Try a messy updo for sexy appeal; or go for a partial updo and aim for both – sophisticated sexy! You can use beautiful barrettes, flowers and hair jewelry to accessorize.

Of course, long and sleek is also very elegant, as is a sophisticated side braid. Long hair is especially elegant when pinned back at the top with pretty, curling tendrils. Long curls to one side can also be a very classy style. Short and sassy can also be a very stylish look. Try a beautiful bob, forties flapper, slicked back like Charlize Theron or medium length and a little longer in the front like Julianne Hough.

Any way you twist it, New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon in charming, historic New Smyrna Beach can help. Give us a call at 386-279-1179 to book your appointment today!

Protect Your Hair in the Summer

Frolicking in the summer sun can be great fun, but it can also be harsh on hair. The hot summer sun dries everything, including hair. It can contribute to dry scalp, dandruff, split ends and color fading. Summer humidity can also turn healthy, bouncy hair into limp and lifeless hair and it can turn up the frizz.

Over-conditioning can be a mistake; washing your hair every day is never a good option; and not washing your hair for extended periods is also not a good idea. So, what can you do to protect your hair from the summer elements?

First, go easy on the chemical hair treatments in the summer months. Try to color your hair the month before the summer sun is expected to become its strongest. Then, go as natural as you can. The summer sun is already turning up the heat, so also try to keep blow dryer, curler and styling iron use to a minimum. Protect your color by wearing a hat or a scarf if you are going to be in the direct sun. Use a mild shampoo, and only shampoo the scalp (not the ends) during the summer. Dry shampoos in between regular shampoos are a good way to keep shampoo time to a minimum. Use a rinse-out conditioner that suits your hair type to restore moisture. Some conditioners even contain sunscreen, which is a great addition for the summer months. Keeping hydrated helps hydrate your skin and hair, so remember to drink lots of fluids. Opt for ponytails, knots, buns and other up-dos to reduce sweating and frizz, and keep your ends trimmed for optimal health.

Swimming is an entirely separate matter. Never shampoo before taking a swim. If you do, you will leave hair more vulnerable to pool chemicals. Using a bathing cap is always a good idea. Take a quick shower after swimming in a chlorinated pool to rinse the chorine from your hair. Also use a good leave-in conditioner after swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Hair Care for Your New “Do”!

A gorgeous, new hairstyle can really set off that little black dress and give you the confidence you need to light up a room. Taking care of that new “do” can be just as important because healthy hair is beautiful hair.

First and foremost, it is important to eat a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, to promote optimal hair health. B vitamins help restore hair shine and thickness to strands; iron carries vital oxygen to hair and, like zinc, promotes hair growth; and vitamins E and D also work toward keeping hair healthy.

It is just as important to know when to wash your hair. Many people make the mistake of washing their hair too often. For most people, twice a week is adequate. The longer, thicker and more processed hair is, the longer it should go between washes. Use shampoos and conditioners that are suited to your hair type. If your hair is oily and you need to wash it more frequently, be sure to use a lightweight shampoo.

Always use conditioner when after shampooing. Conditioner will moisturize your help, help prevent damage and make hair easier to comb. Use a leave-in conditioner once a week for deep penetration into hair follicles and more complete healing.

Water temperature can also have a significant effect on hair health. Hot water can leave hair overly porous, resulting in dry or brittle hair. It can weaken hair at the roots and cause breakage. Heat can also rob hair of natural oils, causing frizz. Warm water can be more beneficial. It allows dirt and accumulated hair product to be rinsed away without the damage that hot water can cause. Cold water can also be very good. It closes pores and prevents dirt and hair products from entering and accumulating on the scalp. It also closes hair cuticles, sealing in moisture. A cold water rinse can increase shine and smooth hair, but be careful…it can also flatten hair. If your hair lacks volume or you have naturally thin hair, you may want to avoid this.

Also keep in mind that wet hair is more susceptible to breakage than dry hair, so use a wide tooth comb instead of brushing after shampooing. Also, do not rub wet hair with a towel. Gently blot instead, as rough towel drying can cause damage.

New Smyrna Beach – A Quaint Town with So Much to Do

New Smyrna Beach is full of small town charm and beachside appeal. Old oaks draped in Spanish moss line the streets of the historic district, and beachside offers pristine white sand beaches peppered with luxury condos.  It straddles the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, so it is part island and part inland – both oceanfront and riverfront. Canaveral National Seashore, teaming with wildlife, is located on one side of New Smyrna Beach, and Ponce Inlet, best known for its delightful waterfront restaurants, is on the other side.

Home to sun worshippers, surfers and boaters, New Smyrna Beach is virtually surrounded by water, so it is a fisherman’s dream. Visitors can kayak, paddleboard or rent jet skis. Families can picnic and play volleyball on the beach. Dogs are even welcome on certain New Smyrna beaches. If you like beach life, you will love New Smyrna Beach.

New Smyrna Beach also hosts some of the most remarkable events. The Annual Festival of the Arts, with fabulous art displays by over 230 talented artists, live music, a student art exhibit, a creative education tent, food court and more, is held every January. Get your groove on for the New Smyrna Beach Blues Festival in May – a four-day event where soulful sounds flow through the streets. Revelers can take in scores of bands in multiple locations throughout town. And in June, the Seaside Fiesta takes will take place beachside on Flagler Avenue. It will feature live entertainment, arts and crafts booths, great food, games and more! Taste great seafood from Volusia’s best restaurants, and enjoy live entertainment at New Smyrna Beach’s Annual Shrimp and Seafood Festival in August. Christmas parades are held by land and by sea. Also enjoy monthly events throughout the year, including the Wine Walk – a progressive wine tasting event in which participants can explore over 100 wines within local pubs, restaurants and galleries; and classic car shows that absolutely any motor enthusiast would enjoy!

Your Perfect Wedding, Your Perfect Hair

Cascading curls, shimmering long locks, chic sleek perfection…however you picture your perfect hair for your perfect wedding, New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon will ensure that it is absolutely picture perfect!

New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is a full-service salon, specializing in gorgeous hair for weddings and offering a range of salon services for women, men and children from simple to elaborate styles, cuts and color. Our professional stylist is a master stylist with over 32 years of hair styling experience. New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon services include straightening, full or partial highlights, double dimension color, Brazilian blow out, deep conditioning, up dos, waxing, make-up and more! Let us pamper you and help you create the look that reflects that special you on your special day.

We can also handle every aspect of your dream wedding, from on-site hair styling and make-up application, to elegant arches and canopy displays, to the finest photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cake designers, bands, DJs, caterers and beachside reception venues. We help you choose the perfect wedding officiant and vows. We even take care of your wedding license.

You wouldn’t trust the most important day of your life to just anyone. It’s your day…your perfect wedding day, so let New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon take care of everything from your gorgeous hair to mouthwatering canapes…while you enjoy the wedding of your dreams.


Balayage Highlights are prefect for a beach girl!

Balayage Highlights

When you think of getting your hair colored or highlighted , the first thing that comes to your mind is a head full of foil, right? Well, there is another technique that colorists are using to get a more diffused, lived-in highlights. It’s called balayage (that’s pronounced bah-ley-ahge). “Balayage is a hand-painted highlight,” It’s much more of a free hand painting technique and gives the individual stylist more artistic ability to create a unique look.
The result of this free hand painting technique gives you a sun bleached natural highlighted look. It doesn’t really look like it has been highlighted chemically. It simply looks like you’ve spend a lot of time on the beach instead of the salon. The best part about balayage is that it is super low maintenance.
After extensive research, I have found a great balayage bleach that delivers beautiful blonde results. As a certified professional hair colorist, I am super excited about the results I get using this technique and product. Give me a call to schedule a consultation. img_0627 img_0628

Brazilian Blowout Special

We are running a Christmas special on Brazilian Blowouts! Brazilian Blowouts are perfect for Florida weather. It leaves your hair shiny and silky. Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex and proprietary polymer system helps to improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft and smoothing the cuticle. This allows us to customize every treatment for every client to achieve a smooth and sleek result, or to keep the curl and lose the frizz.

Give Eva a call at 386-279-1179 or 386-427-4444 to schedule your appointment. img_0527