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Box Dye vs Professional

From medical professionals, to professional builders, psychiatric professionals and more; it’s always best to go pro. So, don’t get boxed in when it comes to your hair color! You get what you pay for and box dye just can’t compare to having your hair colored by an experienced hair colorist.

You never want your hair over-pigmented or over-processed and, ultimately, damaged; so the first thing you should know when comparing box dye to professional hair color is that the formulation isn’t the same. Whereas box dyes are pre-made, cookie cutter colors for all types of hair, a well-trained professional hair stylist will take a litany of things into account before coloring your hair – your hair history, hair texture, hair health, current color, etc. 

Another box dye hair hazard is that box hair dyes are typically laden with ammonia, so they can be pretty harsh, possibly making hair dry and brittle. Professional hair coloring is often ammonia-free; and even if it isn’t totally ammonia-free, a professional hair colorist has the expertise to ward off any hair damage.

All hair damage aside, professional hair color is just plain prettier than box dye. Box hair color can only lighten hair three or four levels. A professional hair colorist has a lot more to work with, so she can change your hair color more dramatically and more reliably.

Not all haircuts look good on all people and the same is true of hair color. Professional hair stylists can also help you choose the hair color that will work best for your coloring and help you leave their salon as the best version of you.