Creating Beautiful Color Everyday

Spring is a time for cleaning out the old and introducing fresh, new things into your life. Want to get rid of that tired hairstyle this spring? Try a beautiful, new, hip look…shattered layers!

Shattered layers are circular in nature, framing those pretty facial features you should definitely showcase. The dramatic shattered layer look is basically attained using bevel-edged shears or a razor for a unique, soft, fringe effect. Or, with regular shears, a hairstylist can raise the section of hair on the top of your head and begin by cutting an angle before “going in” with cuts to thin it out…and repeating the process from the opposite angle. This cut results in a gorgeous, new look for layers providing lots of movement and added volume.

There’s more good news, layered hairstyles, no matter which you choose, are very flattering for round, square, oval and heart face shapes; and shattered layers can be incorporated at different degrees for various lengths. And, on days when the wind begins to whip, you just won’t care because these shattered layers can certainly weather that storm!

Shattered layers are the next amazing hairstyle trend…a new hair craze that’s going to shatter the status quo. Just call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon today to schedule your chic, new shattered layer cut with one of our professional hairstylists; and you’ll see!