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Look Younger with Layers!

Our hair can change over time in texture and sometimes even become thinner. So what can we do as we notice these changes? One great solution is layers, but it has to be done correctly so that it sheds the years as opposed to adding them.

Uniform layers can result in one-dimensional, lifeless hair which no one over 40 needs; and when layers are cut too similar, they can actually draw attention to lines on your face. If layers are too short, they can cause the same problem, but in a slightly different way. Short layers draw more attention to wrinkles by – shall we say – showcasing a lot of face.

If layers are too long, they can make your hair appear weighed down and drag your face right along with it! Volume-challenged hair is particularly problematic with long layers because they just make hair look even thinner and, consequently, older.

You also want to be careful if you are going for a fun hairstyle with choppy, messy layers, as they can actually make us look more unkempt than youthful. 

Thick hair with lots of layers can look voluminous and face framing layers can work for a wide array of hair types, creating that more youthful hairstyle you desire. If you exchange blunt end curtain bangs with feathered end curtain bangs, you will also end up with a softer, younger look.

…and the absolute best step you can take toward a hairstyle yielding a younger look is to schedule your next hair appointment with a knowledgeable hair stylist, like those at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!