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Mix Things Up with the Mixie!

There’s a new (ish) hairstyle in town. The mixie is a melding of two classic cuts – the mullet and the pixie – with a daring result. Will you make the cut?

This bold, retro style is short in length, shaggy on top, with 70s style bangs and rocking a shorter style mullet. It’s an edgy, tousled, rebellious look that is not for the faint of heart. It leans toward new wave rocker. Think Demi Lovato or actress Michelle Williams.

The mixie works for a wide range of hair textures, especially lengthier layers and rougher textures. And although pretty much any will do, the mixie is easiest to style for those with naturally loose curls or wavy hair. It is also a very flattering hairstyle for anyone with a strong jawline or prominent cheekbones.

This low-maintenance, manageable hairstyle is great for those on the go. Simply wash and wear, keep the shape in tact with a texturizing spray or get gritty with some volumizing spray when you are fresh out of the shower. However, if you want to spend a few seconds on your mixie styling, just run a hot iron through a few sections in a devil may care way for a piecier finish.

For any haircut from the cheeky mixie to an elegant updo, feel free to schedule an appointment with the experienced hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. From short, perky cuts to extra-long locks, we’ve got it covered!