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Beach Hair

If you live in or are visiting New Smyrna Beach or any of our surrounding beaches, you are probably well aware that prepping your hair for the beach is far different from primping for a night out on the town. Here are a few ideas you might like for hair wear for the beach…

Pretty silk scarves and clips can secure long locks with style; or twist those tresses into a tight bun or, better yet, a messy knot so that when the beach breezes flow, it will look as if those few strands came loose on purpose. Braids, from fishtail to side braids and long goddess braids are lovely beachwear hair and functional too! High ponies are a great way to get long hair up and out of the way. Or just go au natural with wavy pieces blowing every which way.

Plus, it is always a good idea to protect hair from any potential sun damage. One good way is with a professional hair care product that seals in essential moisture to protect against heat…which is also an exceptional styling product for those who use blow dryers and hot irons. Additionally, heat protectant sprays can help keep hair frizz and fly-aways to a minimum. Hair masks are also excellent for protecting hair from drying and frying UV rays. When all else fails, wear a hat. A baseball, floppy sun hat, cowboy hat or stylish fedora will do!