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How to Keep Hair from Looking Greasy

Over-washing hair is one of the worst culprits for drying out and damaging hair. Plus, believe it or not, over-washing can actually propel your hair into a protective mode, causing it to produce more oil! For healthy hair, try to keep shampooing to one to two times per week, depending on your hair type. 

Even hair type has an effect on the amount of oils in our hair. Did you know that oil can more easily slide onto straight hair shafts? Sorry girls with beautiful flowing locks that flow in the breeze!

So how can you go more days without shampooing and manage to avoid that greasy look? One good way to make hair look less greasy is by using a decent dry shampoo, which will help soak up excess oils.

There are also things to avoid if you want to keep your hair from looking greasy, including frequently touching your hair. It may seem basic, but our hands contain oils that can transfer to hair. Another easy fix is to regularly clean your hairbrushes, as dirty brushes can harbor oils as well.

Using too many or the wrong hair products can lead to build-up which can also cause hair to appear greasy. Try to avoid hair products including silicone. Additionally, heat styling close to the scalp – which is where we come into contact with more oils can also be a factor.

Just remember that oil has a purpose and that its healthy production is important for maintaining natural lubrication and protection against the elements, styling and over-processing. To learn about products that will give your hair a professional looking finish, just ask the hair care experts at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon!