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The Mermaid Haircut: For the Perfect Summer Waves

Summer is the perfect season to dive into your natural waves and mermaid hair is a great way to get natural looking wavy hair without using up all your valuable vacation hours to do it. It’s one of the latest vacation hair trends that is taking the beach scene by a tropical storm.

Mermaid hair earned its swimming moniker due to the fact that – you guessed it – it just happens to look the way we imagine mermaid hair to appear and, as long as you have naturally wavy hair, it’s an easy style to get as well as maintain. 

Basically, the mermaid haircut is a new twist on naturally wavy hair; and although it is well-suited to long flowing locks, those with sporting shoulder length hair can also pull it off without a snag. The aim is not to spend too much time on it. It’s all about flirty hair – for those aiming for an unpolished, fun style. The added beauty of mermaid hair is that you don’t even have to worry about humidity-induced frizzies and breeze-inspired fly-aways.

You can also wear it a bunch of ways. Middle parts are popular with this hairstyle, but a side part will provide even more of a sweeping, free-spirited look; and you can also add wispy, fringy or peekaboo bangs to top it off. 

Plus, it may go without saying, but teal and blue colored hair really rocks this virtually effortless, yet extremely flattering haircut, but any color – from natural to bold and brash – will do!