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Fall Hair Refreshers

Summer is bursting with fun in the sun, but it is also bubbling over with a boiling pot of nasties that are harmful to hair. 

  • You have your hot summer sun, which bleaches and dries our hair, makes it brittle and otherwise damages it. 
  • There are chlorine-filled pools that – although refreshing – can also harm our hair and discolor our highlights.
  • Here’s one that stinks. The summer heat causes us to sweat a lot, ergo more hair washing which can rob hair of vital nutrients.
  • Plus, of course, there is the usual prerequisite primping including harmful heat rollers, blow dryers, hot curling and flat irons as well as a bunch of hair products – some of which might be a little questionable when it comes to hair health.

So, what should we do? How does a fall refresher for luxurious locks sound? I know, right? A fresh trim is just what the doctor ordered for those stressed and possible fraying ends. Pair that with deep conditioning and you’ve got an excellent one-two punch to eradicate the results of all those wicked summer hair irritants.

Plus, if you schedule your appointment with professionals, like the ones at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon, you will also benefit from a full-service hair salon, the knowledge of an experienced hair stylist and professional hair products that smooth and define hair, make hair more malleable and manageable and keep hair healthy.