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Know Your Hair

Is your hair too dry or too greasy? Do you suffer from fly-aways or the frizzies? Does your hair lack luster or is it just plain hard to manage? It is important to know your hair and what it craves and here’s why…

The first thing you want to do is to make certain that you are using hair products that are formulated for your specific hair type. It really does make a difference. Then, no matter what your hair type, make sure you don’t use hot water when you shampoo, as hot water can strip hair of essential oils. Cooler water will lock in moisture, resulting in smoother, shinier hair.

Most people shouldn’t shampoo every day, as that can also strip hair of nutrients and cause drying and damage. That includes people with hair that is chemically treated, older hair and hair that is normal or dry. However, if your hair is oily, you should wash it more frequently – possibly even daily depending on how oily.

If your hair is thin and you want more lift, try parting on the other side to make hair appear fuller. Conditioning at the roots can also weigh hair down, so stick to the hair shaft and ends when conditioning. Shampoo is totally the opposite and should be applied to the scalp and roots, as it can strip hair shafts and ends of moisture.

Rinse thoroughly to avoid build-up. If your hair lacks luster, scrubbing the scalp with an exfoliating product can help you get rid of excess build-up too. There are also great products for hydrating hair. If your hair is dry or damaged, enhance your regular hair care routine with weekly deep conditioning. Adding a good heat protecting product prior to styling can also help prevent the damage caused by excessive heat styling. Hair can also change over time. So pay attention to what your hair is telling you and as you respond to its requests, you will be rewarded in kind. 

My personal hair care routine is so specific, you might laugh. Since my hair and skin is oily, I wash it every day. It is also curly, but more so at the ends and I use heat to style the top. So I condition the top lightly with a volumizing conditioner and use a heavier, deeper conditioner on my ends. Then I add curl definer to my hair shafts so that when my hair dries, I get ringlets instead of frizz. I usually only deep condition once a month since my hair tends to retain its natural oils. I bump that up to around every two weeks if I get highlights or spend a bunch of time in the sun.

At New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon our professional stylists make it their business to know hair. Everyone’s hair is unique and we understand the nuances particular to each of our clients. So if you would like professional assistance to gain that full head of shiny, easy to manage, gorgeous hair, make your appointment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon. We have the beauty expertise and hair care products to attain your goal.