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Why Hair Professionals Use Hair Gloss After Blow Drying

Hair professionals use hair gloss after blow drying to add subtle, natural looking richness, luster, dimension and vitality to hair. It is often confused with hair glaze. Hair glaze is more of a topcoat, while hair gloss actually penetrates hair strands for more effective and lasting results.

Hair gloss, which can artfully showcase your hair’s natural undertones, closes hair cuticles to create silky, shiny hair; and the smoother your hair, the more enhanced your natural shine will appear in any light. Coating the hair to keep cuticles closed, hair gloss will retain hair’s moisture, create better hair texture and make hair more manageable and easier to style. 

Specially treated to revitalize over-processed, weak, damaged hair, hair gloss can also reduce dry hair, split ends and the frizzies, as well as tamp down errant fly-aways. That is why hair gloss is often a hair stylist’s final touch for that gorgeous professional finish.

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