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What Is Our Rewind Conditioning Treatment?

Do you wish you could rewind back to a time when your hair was unscathed by all those products and primping? That is exactly what the Rewind Conditioning Treatment provided by the professional hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can give you.

Our Rewind Conditioning Treatment process works to transform hair into healthy, luxurious, easy-to-manage tresses without the frizz and fly-aways that often accompany the humid summer months. Scientifically proven, Rewind Conditioning Treatment rebuilds and seals hair follicles. When the Rewind Conditioning Treatment is expertly applied by the seasoned professionals at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon, hair cuticles are bonded and hair becomes beautifully smooth. 

Rewind Conditioning Treatment rewinds the clock by repairing hair cuticles that may have been damaged over time by coloring, bleaching, perming and with heat from blow dryers, hot curlers, curling irons, hair straightening wands and rods and even the sun’s harsh rays.

Don’t let simply enjoying yourself in the sun or beautifying your hair the way you have always loved to do…with color, styling tools, straightening products, highlights and other beautifying processes and implements…become problematic, when a Rewind Conditioning Treatment at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon allows you to wipe the slate clean. If you would like to rewind for more control and more beautiful hair, just call New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon at 386-428-0777 to book your Rewind Conditioning Treatment appointment with a professional hair stylist.