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Undercut Is the Way to Go!

Want a fun, it-girl hairstyle that is all the rage? Get a super trendy undercut just in time for the warm Florida weather! Shaving the back of your head, under your hair at the nape of your neck will keep you cool while adding an edgy look to your style.

It’s the new side shave with tons more versatility. Unlike an undercut that is less restrictive, once you shave the side of your head, you are committed to that hairstyle until your hair grows out. With an undercut, you can showcase your long or medium-length hairstyle. We promise you will never see that undercut when your hair is down, but when you pull it up, SURPRISE! 

Need to look professional for work? No problem! Do you like to be the fun girl at the party? An undercut will provide all that too! With an undercut, there is no more uncomfortable, unattractive hair sticking to the back of your neck and you can turn that boring topknot into a very cool do. It’s great for workouts, beach days and when you’re just plain out and about.

Plus, there are so many designs from which to choose. If you are a little timid about the whole thing, you can ease yourself into your undercut with a simple buzz cut. Or go all out with a geometric, a zig-zag undercut or pretty flowers. You can have fun with any kind of design. You can even also a color or all the colors of the rainbow for even more of a wow factor!