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Treat Yourself to Fantasy Colors

Are you tired of the same old, typical hair colors? Why not change things up with dreamy, fantasy colors that look like they came straight off the pages of a fairytale? Plus, even fantasy colors come with a brand new spin now. Here are some of the latest trends in fantasy hair…

Romance is in the air and it starts with your hair. We’re talking about rose gold – the perfect, soft blend of gold and copper. Or opt for a blush rose, which bumps up the reds a little more. Maybe even ratchet the fantasy colors up one more, crazy notch to a bright orange and hot pink combo which is sure to please those wishing to revel in vibrant color. And if you like the aforementioned hues, consider sunset fantasy hair which can beautifully transition bright orange into red and then purple.

Speaking of perfect combinations, you may want to try mermaid hair – a fantasy hair color combo that can be achieved by lifting color to add seafoam green, turquoise, blue and purple. Ever seen the iridescent colors on top of an oil spill? They are actually gorgeous…cool shades of green, purple, blue and even yellow, which look great on a dark base. A similar, lighter version is opal fantasy hair, which is an array of pastels added to a pearl base and topped with a soft metallic. Don’t forget rainbow fantasy colors which can range from the whole head, to just bangs, or underlights so you can pull up your hair for a sweet surprise!

There’s cotton candy, neon yellow and spilt 50/50 down the middle dyes. Peach pastel is trending and rich colors – like deep blue or purple – that morph into pastels of the same hue are also hot. Or you could transition from dark to light with two colors, like magenta and lilac. Whatever your hair color pleasure, New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon is here to make your fantasy come true.