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Ombre Nail Ideas

Do you prefer timeless or trendy nails? It doesn’t really matter with ombre nails because their seamless blending melds into a nail design that just happens to be both…and ombre nails run the gamut from yowza to demure. So everyone can find a “flavor” that suits their tastes. Look at the sampling below to find your favorite, but beware…You may not be able to choose just one!

For a twist on your French manicure, why not try pink ombre tips or go total ombre for a French manicure that is trending off the charts!

If you have never been one to color within the lines, how about changing up each nail…starting with a full, bold color on one nail, partial ombre on another, a full light color and then another partial ombre that starts at a different point on the nail. You can mix and match however you choose!

It’s not easy to stand out during Bike Week, but with a set of orange flames leading into peach, you will be sporting an ombre nail design that is on fire!

Or opt for calming shades like lavender that melds into a nude base.

There’s ombre in neon, cool gray tones and the soft greens and blues of the sea. Black ombre is formidable and red ombre is fierce. Also, the holidays are right around the corner, so don’t forget  metallic and glitter! Plus, you can dip those tootsies in the pool for an ombre pedicure that is hard to beat!