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Nail Care πŸ’…

Nail care is an important part of good hygiene, but it can also help ensure that you maintain strong, healthy, great looking nails. Here are some tips to help…

  • When filing your nails, don’t use a back and forth motion, as that can damage nails.Β 
  • When trimming your nails or toenails, trim straight across to help avoid ingrown nails. If your nails are very hard, making trimming more difficult, try trimming your nails after bathing when they are softer.
  • Avoid cheap nail polishes that contain formaldehyde which is a highly toxic carcinogen that can weaken nails.
  • If your nails are prone to splitting, moisturizing them after trimming can help. Using nail polish remover without acetone can also keep your nails from drying out.
  • Use a base coat to keep nails from getting stained and decrease the chances of nail chipping.
  • It is also important to properly tend to your nail tools. Any clippers or other metal nail tools should be treated with 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol to keep them sterile and your nails healthy.
  • You can also use your diet to improve your nail health. Salmon and nuts contain protein which can strengthen nails. Leafy greens which are high in vitamin B improve nail strength as well. Zinc can help reduce white spots, and foods which are rich in iron can help prevent nail ridges.

Nail care vigilance is key because nails can easily become damaged by every day activities such as washing dishes, gardening and ordinary cleaning tasks. Bad manicures can even damage nails, so make certain you only use qualified professionals for your manicures and pedicures, like the highly skilled nail technicians at NSB Nail Salon in New Smyrna Beach.