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Marble Nails – the New Trend!

Who wouldn’t want nails as beautifully cultured as marble? What you may not expect from marble nails is that they can be as versatile as they are stunning. For instance…

Go marble on your whole hand or on just one single nail. There are white marble nails for an ethereal effect, black or gray marble nails that exude sheer elegance and white marble nails with black striations are amazingly gorgeous too.

Opt for bold red, brilliant blue or mix and match for patriotic. Nude and clear marble nails possess a natural appeal and go with just about everything. Or wow them with marble nails in purple, as only purple can do!

For fun, add a rainbow splash of color or floral motif to your marble nail design. You can also do striped marble nails, pastel marble nails or even marble nails with nail art for Halloween that will look so good it’s scary! Choose fall colors for your marble nails now, switch to winter colors once the holidays hit and roll them in gold to be the New Year’s Eve belle of the ball. Marble French manicures are lovely as well – any time of year!

Also trending are marble nails adorned with nail accessories like rhinestones. Of course, every shape from stiletto to coffin will beautifully complement your marble nails and a marble pedicure will too!

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