Creating Beautiful Color Everyday

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles can be eye-catching, sexy and stunning, like…

  • A fishtail braid because, of course, we do live by the sea. For a twist on the braid theme, create a romantic and effortless look by making it a little messier.
  • Exude a fun vibe with a tribal boho which artfully melds braids and curls; or quad braided colorful extensions.
  • Speaking of color, color can be so much fun with long hairstyles. There’s shading from light to dark or dark to light. Fade into different colors for a bigger splash or add dimension to a single color for a more natural appeal.
  • Want sexy? Big, bold, cascading curls always work.
  • Want sexy and easy? Try long, scrunched curls or highlighted beach waves.

Plus, warmer weather is on its way. What better time to pull up those long tresses in so many pretty ways? 

  • Try a sleek high (or low) pony, wrapping hair from the bottom around your hairband for a photo finish.
  • Go big or go home with a French pouf high pony (or backcomb for a crown pouf, leaving the rest long and flowing).
  • A modern French twist combines volume with a rolled chignon.
  • Got a wedding or another posh event to attend? A New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon professional hairstylist can provide you with an elegant, formal updo.

Long story longer…

No matter the length of your hair, precautions should be taken when heat styling, ends should be regularly trimmed for optimal health and deep conditioning as well as anti-frizz products and leave-in conditioner can all help provide a smoother, silkier look.