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How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun and Heat in Florida

Many of us have been spending even more time outside because of these unprecedented times and summer is on its way. So, now it is more important than ever to protect our hair from the summer sun and heat. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays can dry out your hair, leaving it brittle and lifeless.  A sunburned scalp can even cause a dry scalp, which can lead to root damage. 

So what can we do? The best way to avoid sun damage completely is by wearing some protection – like a hat, cap or bandana, but who can or even wants to do that all the time? A fresh haircut and regular trims can get rid of dry, brittle ends and leave you with a good base, but what happens when you can’t visit your hairdresser? You also want to try to avoid anything with heat – like flat irons or blow dryers, but that can be hard too.

Okay, so what do we really do? There are a few things you can do to help…

It’s never a good idea to shampoo your hair every day, so try to give your hair a break. On the days when you don’t shampoo, just rinse in lukewarm water. You can also try a dry shampoo. When you do shampoo, try to only shampoo the scalp – not the ends. Leave-in conditioner and overnight hair conditioning can work wonders too.

The summer sun can also damage color treated hair, creating more dryness and bleaching hair or causing unwanted brassiness. To remedy this, you want to try to use products specifically made for color treated hair.

Additionally, sea salt and chlorine can damage hair, leaving it limp. Pools can actually strip your hair of protective oils and nutrients. So, it’s best to add a thin layer of coconut oil or conditioner to your hair if you can before you take that dip!