We all want to look good for our age and our hairstyle choices have a lot to do with it. If you’re a mature woman, here are some flattering contemporary hairstyle ideas for you to consider…

A mid-length bob with layered ends is complimentary to all face shapes and short layered ends will enhance fullness for a beautiful, youthful hairstyle.

Or go stunning by boosting your volume and combining sexy, side-swept bangs.

Choose easy-peasy with a little volumizer on the roots and air-dry with messy bangs for a contemporary, casual look that barely takes a minute.

A side-swept pixie is the perfect cropped cut for those who prefer sleek and sassy.

For youthful face-framing layers, you may want to try a textured bob with graduation and wispy bangs.

Shorter bobs can lengthen the face for a leaner look and blunt. Interested, but want to soften that look a bit? Just add some blunt, fringy bangs.

Want a quick blow-out for a youthful style? Crown volume paired with soft waves will get you there fast!

And for those with naturally curly hair, don’t fight those curls. Embrace them. Well-shaped curls can draw attention to your eyes and add an element of sophistication.

The choices are endless and no matter the length of whether you prefer a casual, air-dry style for easy maintenance or elegance at its peak, the professional hairstylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can help you put your best, most youthful face forward!