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Gone Today, “Hair” Tomorrow?

It sounds counter-productive, but have you heard that trimming your hair can make it grow faster? Myth or fact: While it is true that regularly trimming the ends of your hair can help you grow healthy, long tresses; trimming your hair does not actually make your hair grow. Here are some helpful tips if you are thinking of growing your hair…

If you are looking for long locks, it helps to have your hair trimmed by a professional every few months. You want just the very ends trimmed in a blunt cut to help prevent hair from splitting, becoming thin and just plain less healthy in general.

There are some other things that can slow hair growth, and these may surprise you! For instance, did you know that cold weather can restrict blood flow to the scalp? Since your hair follicles require a nice, healthy amount of blood flow for hair growth, this can be a problem. However, we live in Florida, so problem solved. Scalp massage also promotes the flow of hair nutrients through the blood to the hair follicles. 

Additionally, you can revitalize your hair and scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth with protein-based hair repair products and sealants. If you would have questions about the best products and treatments for your particular hair type, the beauty experts at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can help. We would also be happy to help you determine and schedule a professional maintenance program for optimal hair growth.