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From the Mats to the Streets: Self Defense Skills You Learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Mission Viejo

Although it can definitely be a challenging, engaging activity; great exercise with a host of health benefits; an amazing release for kids; a safe, structured environment promoting self-confidence…all within a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides real world self-defense skills.

The philosophy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is built upon the values of gratitude, respect and grace. This unique discipline has evolved over the years into a martial art that enables smaller, weaker fighters to more easily overcome larger, stronger opponents. It is a yielding martial art which effectively manipulates an opponent’s force against them. A very pragmatic discipline, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses weight distribution and applies leverage techniques to real world defense situations to neutralize opponents of varying degrees of size, strength and skill levels by bringing them to the ground.

Based on practicality, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is highly effective in real life situations. Most people don’t have experience defending themselves on the ground, where 90% of one-on-one confrontations take place. A grounded opponent has less explosive athletic potential than someone on his feet and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is principally focused on ground survival techniques. Designed with fluid movements and body positioning which allow weaker opponents to take an aggressor to the ground and dominate them, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art of self-defense which also enables fighters to protect themselves without the necessity of a weapon or inflicting harm on their attacker. 

Striking martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and kickboxing are not as effective self-defense methods for fighters of smaller stature. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also differs from Judo which is more focused on throws with rules limiting joint-lock techniques. In competition, heel-hooks and knee-reaping are prohibited in Judo. While both remain legal moves in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo are also not scored the same way. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, ground fighting positions receive higher scores and in Judo, throwing techniques are scored higher.

Rooted in the traditional principles of self-defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu additionally involves managing the distance between you and your attacker. So while it will teach you to effectively knock your aggressor to the ground, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can also provide you with the skills to get up off the ground and back on your feet so that you can escape. In fact, specialized programs for law enforcement even use techniques derived from Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Taught by the Masters 

Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Mission Viejo is not your run of the mill martial arts studio. It is a place where students can learn one of the most respected martial arts from the most distinguished and notable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the discipline.

This extraordinary team includes 5th Degree Black Belt and Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Trainer Marcelo Lucena. “Professor Bob,” as his students refer to him, who has trained and competed with some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world, grew up with many of this remarkable sport’s greatest prodigies; and when he is not teaching students at the Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo Academy, Marcelo he competes at the highest level in both local and worldwide tournaments, including the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Master in Las Vegas. 

A Revered Legacy in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Ralph Gracie history and legacy is one woven from a rich tapestry of martial arts culture. The modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial art maintains its position as a fundamental part of a well-rounded fight training method and its core methodology is universal to all forms of unarmed, hand-to-hand combat. Today, largely due to its distinguished history created by masters of the sport including so many members of the Gracie family, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has earned its rightful place in competitive martial arts and the entire world.

The impressive Gracie family legacy began on the streets of Brazil in tandem with the emergence of no holds barred competitions. These hardcore, no rules Brazilian street fights spanned across a wide array of martial arts disciplines, with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rising from the fray to become one of the most revered.

Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Lead Instructor Marcelo Lucena was born and raised in the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and rose through the ranks of this prestigious sport with its largest legends to become the world’s Ultimate Fighting Champion.

A Valuable Real World Skill

An integral part of a distinguished history, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not only one of the most popular martial arts on the mats, it is a valuable skill that can keep its students and the people they care about safe in the real world. Strength, conditioning, discipline, self-defense, confidence, teamwork and fun are all core components of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…and while students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu develop this new skillset, they can also gain physical acumen and often make lifelong friends. 

A Highly Esteemed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Facility

Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo Academy was named “Best Martial Arts School of 2022” by the Mission Viejo Awards Program and inducted into the Business Hall of Fame for the last five consecutive years. 

You can learn more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, by calling the Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo Academy at 949-400-7108, email or visit us at our convenient location: 26861 Trabuco Road #H, Mission Viejo, California.