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Flattering Hairstyles for Each Shape Face

If you ask a professional hairstylist worth their salt if a certain hairstyle will look good on you, along with your hair type, dollars to donuts they will take your face shape into consideration before telling you that you’d wear that hairstyle well.

So which hair lengths, cuts and styles work well with each shape face? Here are a few…

Volume at your crown or a tousled lob with blunt ends will deemphasize a square jawline, drawing the eye upward or toward the ends, respectively – both softening your look. A flat-blown bob angled sharply toward a slightly longer front will also make a square face appear thinner.

For round faces, long layers slenderize the face and neck. Shorter styles, like a deep side-parted pixie with volume at the crown, a shag with soft, choppy layers and a center part with beach waves will all flatter round face shapes too.

One of the best hairstyles for a diamond shaped face is a chin-length bob, which will soften the edges of a pointier chin. Add a side-swept bang to face-framing layers, tapered angles or different lengths of cascading curls for styles that are very pretty when you have a diamond shaped face.

Long or shoulder-length hair and curtain bangs are all great options for longer faces…and, if you happen to be lucky enough to sport an oval face shape, you can wear most styles well – from long layers to baby bangs.