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Emergency Substitute Hair Tie Tips

There’s a good way to tie one on and, mercifully, there is no hangover involved. I’m talking about alternative hair tie solutions. Maybe you are on vacation and forgot your hair ties or you simply live in Florida and need to pull your hair up in a pinch. Don’t fret because it is a safe bet that there is a hair tie substitute that may very well improve your day!

  • Got a loaf of bread or a bag of chips? Bag ties and chip clips are awesome alternatives to traditional hair ties!
  • While the chopsticks you get with your Chinese take-out will do, coffee stirrers and pencils may be more readily available.
  • Almost everyone has access to aluminum foil, so pinch it and twist it until you have a long, malleable strip you can wrap around your makeshift ponytail.
  • Wearing sneakers or a hoodie (or possibly preferably someone else’s hoodie)? Shoestrings and the string from your hoodie will work too. Even the cords from your electronics will do!
  • Pretty much any piece of material will also work well as an emergency hair tie substitute. I’m thinking about everything from a bandana, to pantyhose, cloth napkin, a tube top, clean sock, or even sliced up old tights.

Okay, I may be pushing the envelope a little too far on those last three, but you get the idea! Just try your best not to opt for the regular rubber bands made from actual rubber, as they can easily damage and break hair.