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Correcting Covid-19 at Home Haircuts

Do you suffer from what today is commonly called “The Quarantine Cut”…that at home attempts to gain back some semblance of hair normalcy that went so dreadfully wrong? Did you choose the style that pays homage to The Little Dutch Boy or did you decide on something more avant-garde, like the one with chunks missing all over in a willy-nilly fashion? 

You’re not alone and whether you have huge pieces missing from your do or your coif is just a little uneven, the professional hair stylists at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can cure your Covid-19 hair conundrum. Plus, freshly cut hair is healthy hair and after all this time locked away like Rapunzel, we all need a little freshening up!

The hair care professionals at New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon can work some magic with a trendy new style or to blend your hacked (sorry!) hair to keep as much length as possible. Got regrowth so long it’s alarming? We can touch up your poor, overlooked roots and get you back to glamorous in no time. Maybe you’re so sick of your quarantine uniform of sweatpants and that old, tired, messy bun that you want an entirely new look. Don’t worry, our expert colorists can whip up some beautiful hues that are just perfect for you; we can straighten things up gorgeously with a keratin treatment; or treat your lethargic locks to a healthy, deep conditioning. When it comes to hair, we do it all, so you can go as far as your imagination and desires will take you!

Plus, remember that there is no shame. We all went through it, so we’re all the same. Come on in to New Smyrna Beach Hair Salon and get back your game!