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Balayage Highlights are prefect for a beach girl!

Balayage Highlights

When you think of getting your hair colored or highlighted , the first thing that comes to your mind is a head full of foil, right? Well, there is another technique that colorists are using to get a more diffused, lived-in highlights. It’s called balayage (that’s pronounced bah-ley-ahge). “Balayage is a hand-painted highlight,” It’s much more of a free hand painting technique and gives the individual stylist more artistic ability to create a unique look.
The result of this free hand painting technique gives you a sun bleached natural highlighted look. It doesn’t really look like it has been highlighted chemically. It simply looks like you’ve spend a lot of time on the beach instead of the salon. The best part about balayage is that it is super low maintenance.
After extensive research, I have found a great balayage bleach that delivers beautiful blonde results. As a certified professional hair colorist, I am super excited about the results I get using this technique and product. Give me a call to schedule a consultation. img_0627 img_0628