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A Step Haircut for Star-Quality Hair

Looking for star-quality, stair-like layers for a thick, full head of hair? If you want to put some bounce in your step, consider a step haircut which provides layers of sexy volume. In essence, it is tiered layers at various lengths creating a stair step effect which swings with gorgeous movement.

Typically, the step haircut is a two-layer graduated hair cut with sharply delineated steps beginning at either just below the ear or at shoulder length for longer hair. The step haircut works best for wavy or thick hair, since its extreme layers remove a bit of hair weight. An added bonus is that the step haircut is also a solution for the frizzies…and at this time of year, that’s something we all can use!

The only sad news is that it is not really the best haircut for those with thinner hair. Standard layers are a better option for thin hair.

So, if your hair rests on the thicker, more wavy side and you’d like to look like you stepped out of a 1980’s hair commercial (Sorry, some of us actually remember those.), the step haircut is an excellent option! We’ve seen Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra and Rachel McAdams all sport it. Why not you?

Proper maintenance of this bouncy “do” depends on its upkeep. Since a clear delineated layer is required, one should seek a professional salon cut every six weeks. Should you choose to grow it out, it will simply begin to beautifully blend once again.